©+℗ 2013

homemade software synths, beats that go in and out of time,
human voice as raw material for sound,
layers of noise, beautiful melodies shining through like a promise,
free improvised punk.

and above all a symbiotic relation between human and machine.

current performance

a short history
eiko started in 2004 and immediately headed out to play Europe's
underground stages for experimental electronic music.
first full album in 2007 "I feel pregnant today".
Second in 2011 "Crocodile", both released on trepoc.rec.

collaborations with:
Danish noise duo "Kusari Gama Kill", German impro duo Dus-Ti,
Swiss artist Roland Roos, German concept artists Knowbotic Research.

Featuring many different drummers over the years:
Kenneth Kapstad (N), Fredy Studer (CH), Lukas Niggli (CH),
Frank Rosaly (USA), Gard Nilssen (N), Samuel Rohrer (CH),
Tor Haugerud (N), Dag Erik Knedal Andersen (N), Patrik Zosso (CH),
Francesco Miccolis (CH) and many more.

eiko's top 10 festivals
All Ears Oslo (N), Edge of Wrong, Capetown (ZA),
Clandestino, Göteborg (S), Shift Basel (CH), Tronheim Jazzfest (N),
Sweat Box Sessions Copenhagen (D), Norberg Festival (S),
by:larm Oslo (N), Stummfilm Marathon Zürich (CH), Støy på Landet (N)